Lessons learned from a 15 year terminal cancer survivor

You Don’t Need a Death Sentence to START LIVING!!!

Conquer your fears, find your inner strength.  When you work with me we will set goals, and I will be there supporting you through them, to work through feelings and challenges, improving your skills so you can gain empowerment and control!   We focus on you and your wellbeing.




Internationally Certified QSCA Law of Attraction Life Coach & QEM Certified Quantum Energy Mastery

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Client feedbacks


           You don’t even see my resistance, you go right around it and open the door in front of me”   Thank you, M P

Dear Susan,

I so appreciate your support, your love and care you carrying into this world and also share with me.  I agree, I have great adventures lying ahead.  Much love to you, Marion P.

Testimony for Susan Lamb

I am so grateful for Susan as my life coach.  She is very down-to-earth and perceptive. From the start of our call to the end, she is totally present with me.  Her care for my intentions and her discernment while we talk, leads us to exercises and meditations that are so helpful. She will also send me texts or emails with information that is relevant to something we have discussed or worked on.  She is easy to talk to and I can be totally at ease with her.  She understands what I am trying to say and leads me step by step to insights and realizations that open up my mind and soul to new ways of looking at things, so that I can see my next step. She is always honest with me and encouraging so that I feel at ease thinking and looking at problems from a different viewpoint which usually leads to a discovery about myself. I value our time together and look forward to each session.  Thank you so much, Susan


Testimonial for Susan Lamb My relationship with my mother is painful and toxic, yet I haven’t been able to sever the ties and move on. I came to my session with Susan hoping that she could help guide me in figuring out are solution I could live with.After I explained my intention for our session and provided context, Susan introduced a process —but I got stuck. BOY, did I get stuck! Looking back, I realize Susan very deftly assessed the situation and moved seamlessly to a guided healing meditation. Meditations are difficult for me; I don’t always feel I’ve gained much from the experience. This time, however, was different.As Susan walked me through the meditation step-by-step, I was stunned to realize tears were streaming down my cheeks. I didn’t expect that a meditation could resonate so deeply and so quickly; that it could bring up the hurt and sadness I’d been carrying for decades. I hadn’t really realized or acknowledged that I needed healing.Even as Susan gently led me out of the meditation, I realized I felt lighter; as though a long-time burden had finally been lifted. I was okay. Even more, there is comfort in knowing that whenever I want, I can go back to that place of love, comfort, and caring provided within the meditation. I’m so grateful to Susan for her sensitivity and intuition; for her innate understanding that a healing meditation was the approach that would move me past ‘stuck’ and to feeling free and valued. Thankyou, Susan!~Susan W., British Columbia, Canada


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